Sreyka Som, Hanuman Capital’s business support manager, has never been one to take the easy route. As a college student, she attended two universities at the same time, studying English at one and finance at the other.

“It was so hard. I would go to one university in the morning and a different one in the afternoon,” said the 26-year-old Phnom Penh native.

“But I had a choice, and this was how I wanted to learn about business and prepare myself for running my own business one day.”

Som was not only successful as an undergraduate, but she also went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services from the Royal University of Laws and Economics.

Along the way, she learned the value of teamwork and how it is essential across all business sectors. Most important for her work at Hanuman, Som learned how teamwork can improve the launch of a new product — in this case, the product is Wonderpass, an innovative smart-ticketing product that’s set to be released on March 31.

The SWOT analysis

“I have four steps to building an effective team,” Som said. “First, establish the best communication channels and methods. Second, create a culture of trust in which team members can keep an open mind about new ideas. Third, encourage positive feedback.

“The last thing about teamwork is that you must be able to correct each other and provide feedback without placing blame. Instead, everyone should offer encouragement.”

Som pointed out, however, that building a team was just the starting point.

“After you create the team and an understanding about the objective, then you have meetings. After all, that’s the whole point of having teams of people with different skills and ideas,” she said.

“Then, after the meetings, there is another process. You create short-term plans or business plans and, most importantly, you apply your plans to the SWOT analysis — which means identifying strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.”

Enter Wonderpass

Som joined Hanuman last July after three years at Canadia Bank, working in media relations and marketing.

“I moved here because I think this company can provide good opportunities and I love the staff and the environment,” she said. “And I really, really wanted to join Hanuman because of the CEO. We can speak with him directly if we have problems and I really appreciate that.”

At present, Som is an important member of Hanuman’s team in charge of creating and launching Wonderpass, a game-changer for the tourism industry. She said it’s a job she loves and a product she believes in.

“If someone asked me what Wonderpass is, I would say it’s a smart-ticketing process that lets you arrange an entire holiday or trip on your phone or the website,” she said. “It gives you a marketplace of tourism products and services, as well as exclusive deals and promotions.”

One of the benefits of Wonderpass is that it gives you access to a global network of partner businesses, and this is where Som comes in and supports the team.

“That’s my job: to speak to the partners and review the contracts and get them to register with the Wonderpass network. Between now and March 31, I need to find more partners and convince them to join before we launch,” she said.

Although her role is clearly defined, it fits into the team formula that will bring Wonderpass to the world. As for Som, she has no doubts it will be a success — and a team success at that.