Hélène Malterre has already had a cool and interesting work history — and she’s just getting started. At Hanuman Capital, it’s a safe bet her career will get even more exciting. 

“Hanuman is an ambitious company, it has the chance to develop a range of different positive projects in Cambodia,” said Malterre, Hanuman‘s 26-year old social media and content manager.

“And these are projects that will grow, and as they grow they help Cambodia. That’s an important part of working here.” 

Malterre had an earlier start. She worked as a production manager on films, commercials, music events, and on the “Jerry Ghetto” mockumentary web series, even before graduating from university. 

After earning a Masters in Audiovisual Communication and Web Marketing, Malterre worked with KlapYaHandz, an independent Cambodian hip-hop record label, and on “Le Bureau des Légendes,” the famous French TV series.

Cambodian Roots

“To be honest: I had no idea what to do. So, I just kind of tried everything,” Malterre said. “One of the first school projects was the web series, we had to shoot it, edit, everything. So I learned to do all these things, especially the editing, and decided that maybe I could do something in audiovisual.” 

These are among the many skills Malterre puts to use for Hanuman’s operations in Phnom Penh and abroad. For her, Hanuman’s strong connection with Cambodia is also a very personal matter. 

“I have Cambodian blood in my veins, even if I grew up in France,” she said. “After I finished my degree in 2018, I went to Cambodia because my mom was living here. I wanted to recreate the connection I have with my second country and my second culture.” 

Rather than spend a few months on vacation here, Malterre went to work — and on a characteristically enthralling project. She learned that Sok Visal, the popular Cambodian producer and director, was working on a project, so she reached out. 

‘Target Audience’

“I called him. He said, do you want to work on a movie five days a week for 12 hours a day? I said, yes, and that’s how I started to work in Cambodia,” said Materre, who went on to work on  “In the Next Life,” which is described as a Buddhist sci-fi feature film set in Cambodia.

Malterre’s work for Hanuman is dizzyingly diverse. One moment she is strategizing a social media campaign, the next she is working on branding, marketing materials — even modeling the latest designs from Hanuman’s Bong Tees clothing brand. 

“Nowadays, to have a strong brand image you need to be on social media and be active on social media. It’s really important and not just in Cambodia, it’s everywhere in the world,” she said. 

“You also need a target audience. As I learned in school: if you target everyone, eventually you target no one.”