Creative Studio

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Our Projects

New innovative technology arriving soon in Cambodia.

Our Angkor Pass Project will offer a new way for you to access and experience the best of the Kingdom.

We’re creating a social activities marketplace for Cambodia and beyond.

Designed with Millenials and GenXers in mind, this new web app will enable service providers to connect with thrill-seeking clients in their local city.

Think Airbnb Experiences with a giant dollop of charisma.


Young professionals need a healthier alternative to the “usual suspect” energy drinks.

Our forward-thinking solution is on the way to the shelf of your local supermarket.

We’re bringing a new non-dairy, non-soy, ready-to-drink coffee to Cambodia.

Our top secret ingredient?

A Canadian twist.

Inspired by our favourite satirical television series and talk shows, we’ve decided to produce our own pixelized news parody web series.

Get ready for a roasting that leaves no politician ungagged…

It’s about to get presidential!